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Sarah Wuchinich

Sarah received her certification from Harlem Yoga Studio in 2017 and has enjoyed teaching ever since. She is passionate about making yoga inclusive, accessible, empowering and fun to all regardless of shape, size, race, class, gender identity or background. Sarah believes movement is medicine and enjoys encouraging others to exceed their expectations. In her classes you can expect challenging but approachable flows, thoughtful sequencing and a supportive atmosphere.


Achola Simkins

Achola has been practicing yoga for over 11 years and teaching for 2. She recieved her teaching certification under the training of Corina Benner through the Wake Up Yoga training program. Although grateful for all that the yoga/ movement world has given her she is guided by the knowledge that many needs have been left unmet for nontraditional practitioners,  this understanding  guides her mission to provide true inclusivity in the movement world. 


Felicia Graham- Comisar

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Felicia started practicing yoga in 2000 and noticed an immediate improvement in her well being and happiness. “I attended my first class in hopes of increasing my strength isometrically and to my surprise I became aware of an increased ability to be present, less angry, and enjoy my life as it was unfolding.”

She received her foundational yoga teacher training with Corina Benner, Victoria Ladd, and Julie Pogochefsky at Wake Up Yoga in 2010. Later, continuing her  teacher training with Corina Benner’s Yin Yoga teacher training in 2010, Karen Safire’s Restorative Yoga teacher training in 2012, and Jillian Pransky’s Level II Restorative Yoga teacher training in 2016.

Sophie Delancie

Sophie grew up in San Francisco, CA and fell in love with Philadelphia after attending Villanova University, where she studied Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and Marketing. "I feel most free in the mountains and rivers of the Pacific coast and have a deep respect for our natural home. Yoga is how I can access that feeling wherever I am." She enjoy's cooking, hiking, camping, ocean waves, playing tennis, horseback riding, music, and watching tv in bed. Her other work and passions are in community outreach and childcare.


Bally Radatti

Bally was introduced to the practice of yoga through a friend, attending a class of theirs soon after their graduation from teacher training. Although she was initially skeptical of the benefits of the practice she soon saw the positive effects manifesting in her own life. Yoga has enhanced Bally’s capacity for personal healing as well as creating and holding space for others. When not teaching Vinyasa, Bally applies the principles she has learned through yoga to her career in the mental health field. Bally’s classes offer an exciting synergy of eastern and western philosophies in the arena of wellness. 

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