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our story

We at uprising believe deeply in the power of healing through movement. Our founders are POC or members of the LGBTQ community, each with their own personal experiences within the wellness community, either as yoga teachers or practitioners. Through these shared experiences, we have designed a yoga studio intending to tap into our own underrepresented communities by providing an array of movement styles within an environment purposefully designed to support the diversity that most truthfully represents our community, both locally and globally. We want to smash the stereotypes of homogeneity that pervade the wellness culture while providing all our fellow humans with the life-changing benefits of yoga.  

We understand that movement is a beautiful beginning, but to heal our lives we must heal our minds, which is why uprising is excited to use our space to foster mental movement through the arts. Traditional movement classes will be the undertaking of uprisings days, but we will fill the evenings with community events, art galleries, and a wide range of speakers.

We love our city and we fully recognize we are nothing without the contributions of our neighbors. We aim to provide Philadelphia with a range of activities as varied and as beautiful as our community.

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