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cultural events

welcome to uprising culture

We understand that movement is a beautiful beginning but to fully enrich our lives we must enrich our minds which is why uprising is excited to use our space to foster mental movement through cultural events.

book club

Each month we'll be meeting on the last Sunday, directly following gentle flow yoga to discuss our latest read, get to know our neighbors and share ideas.

We encourage everyone to come to gentle flow beforehand, but it is not a requirement.

This is a completely free event, however, proof of vaccination is required for entry.

Masks are optional in the studio once proof of vaccination has been established.

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this month we're reading...

The Association of Small Bombs

Karan Mahajan

When brothers Tushar and Nakul Khurana, two Delhi schoolboys, go to pick up their family’s television set at a repair shop with their friend Mansoor Ahmed one day in 1996, disaster strikes without warning. A bomb—one of the many “small” bombs that go off seemingly unheralded across the world—detonates in the Delhi marketplace, instantly claiming the lives of the Khurana boys to the devastation of their parents.


Mansoor survives, bearing the physical and psychological effects of the bomb. After a brief stint at a university in America, Mansoor returns to Delhi, where his life becomes entangled with the mysterious and charismatic Ayub, a fearless young activist whose own allegiances and beliefs are more malleable than Mansoor could imagine. Woven among the story of the Khuranas and the Ahmeds is the tale of Shockie, a Kashmiri bomb maker who has forsaken his own life for the independence of his homeland.

-Good Reads

coming up.....

tomb of sand.jpg

Tomb of Sand

Geetanjali Shree


books of jacob.jpg

The Books of Jacob

Olga Tokarczuk


After The Sun

Jonas Elka


happy stories mostly.jpg

Happy Stories, Mostly

Norman Erikson Pasaribu


Love in the Big City

Sang Young Park


At Night All Blood

Is Black

David Diop


An Inventory Of Losses

Judith Schalansky


Who Are We
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