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What to expect for in-studio classes

​On June 11th, 2021, the City of Philadelphia lifted it's indoor mask mandate. We will be allowing vaccinated students to practice mask free in the studio for public classes starting, Monday June 21st. To keep our teachers and students safe, we will require proof of vaccination. You can present proof of vaccination to your teacher at sign in or email proof of vaccination to operations@uprisingmovment.com. A note will be made in your account and the email/attachments will be deleted (only the owner has access to this email account). Students who have not been vaccinated are invited to continue to practice with their masks on or join us online via MindBody live streaming services.






Q: Are students and teachers required to wear masks?

A: Vaccinated persons may practice mask free. Unvaccinated persons may join us via live stream or attend class with a mask on. Complimentary mask’s are available in the entryway to the studio.

Q: How are UACM procedures and guidelines developed?

A: We are following the guidelines set forth by the city of Philadelphia and/or the state of Pennsylvania wherever applicable.

Q: How many students are allowed in public yoga classes?

A: As of 06/11/2021 we are allowing 15 people per class, which is 50% capacity.

We use commercial-grade CDC-approved cleaning products and disinfectants to keep our studio sanitized.